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Brimer are one of Europes leading producers of constructions in Glass Reinforced Plastic and composites to several industries like water and drainage industries, aquaculture and fish & industry. We are taking care of the entire process from in-house design, strength calculation, production of elements, transport, assembling and complete the entire tank or pool for the customers.

Brimer is ISO-certified by KIWA Technological Institute. ISO 9001:2015 is the worlds most recognized standard for quality management.

The ISO 9001:2015-certificate acknowledge our hard work to meet the highest standard for quality and customer satisfaction

Pools for drinking water delivered to Sveiven in Haugesund kommune

We have delivered a height pool of 18 meters in diameter and 6 meter high. The pool is approximately maintenance free, the surface is free of pores for microorganisms and bacteria to survive. Making it an ideal for drinking water.

We are very proud of our deliveries to: