"We wanted a Brimer-pool with the inside made of fiberglass and easy to keep clean"

Karl Einar Westerås, Storvatn Vassverk

Tanks for potable water

Brimer tanks for potable water are sealed in the ceiling, walls and bottom. The concrete plate is plasticized with a solid fiber glass laminate and the inside is white, smooth, seamless and maintenance free. The surfaces in contact with the potable water consist of material types that do not emit harmful substances, which means the water is very well taken care of. We also offer hatches, ladders, valve houses, staircases and air systems for you to operate in a dry and safe environment.

Water tanks

Our tank system is developed to meet the requirements in a lot of sectors and industries. We deliever tanks and pools to water supply, water purification, drainage, sewage, fish and fish processing agriculture and other industries. The insides of the tanks are approved for potable water by the Institue og Public Health. The insides consists of gel-coat which protects against water penetration and moisture - this is applied to all of our tanks.

Water purification

We supply filter bottoms that are adopted to both new and older wastewater treatment tanks. Our complete, both round and square, tanks with integrated filter bases and flushes can be customized to capture the process for 1-media, 2-media and 3-media filtering. Dimensions by desired volume. Other benefits with chosing GRP are longevity, maintenance and sketches can easily be customized by a consultant or a process provider.

Sewage Treatment

Prefabricated tank systems with sealed constructions is excellent for sewage treatment and water purification. Our tanksystems are requested in large parts of Europe for sewage treatment.

Sludge Separators

Sludge separators are used to separate sludge and particulate matter from wastewater and constitute the pre-treatment unit for various types of drainage solutions like soil cleaners, biochemicals, wet mark filters and graywater systems.

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