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Tanks for Aquaculture

We supply tanks to the Aquaculture in all sizes and heights with diameter up to 28 meters according to customer requirements. We make complete tailor-made solutions with equipment according to customers needs.

Smolt tanks

With its smooth, hygienic insides, Brimer's tanks has become a natural choice at many Aquacultural farms. Flexibility regarding to design,  effeicient assemblance and specialized solutions, combined with great strength makes the tanks hard to avoid.

Silage tanks

Silage tanks for storage and treatment of fish entrails e.g. With corrosion-free and smooth insides the tanks are well functioning for fish-industries and Aquacultur.

Feed tanks

With its smooth inside, solid GRP and expertise, Brimer tanks have become a great choice for many industries. Our long-lasting experience and flexibility in design and assembly, combined with strength and coned bottoms makes the tanks ideal for demanding masses in different shapes.

Pump well

These are GRP formwork with reinforcements that we complete at our factory and ship to customers. The pump well can be placed on a planned surface on the seabed and easily filled with concrete.
We ensure that the concrete volume is sufficient to avoid buoyancy. Once the concrete is tempered, the well can be emptied of water and the pumps installed. As a result, only the connection of sea and land management remains, then the construction is operational.

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