Your total supplier from production to installation

For more than 40 years we have continously been focusing on product development and innovation to be able to give the customers great solutions adjusted to their needs. Today we deliever tank systems to all kinds of industries. Mostly water and drainage, aquaculture, fish processing and other industries amongst many.

Brimer were founded in 1974 and are today an experienced distributor of glass reinforced plastic. Since 1981 we have delieverd more than 4,000 element-based tanks over 100 m3.

Our expertise

Our head of project will continously follow the progress from production to assemblance. Through out the project we keep in touch with constructors to optimize the progress.

All of our products are developed by engineers with solid knowledge and experience working with GPR. Our constructions are drawn in 3D og dimensioned according to FEM-analyzes. Based on "NS-EN 13121 Glass Reinforced Plastic pools and containers", and developed in cooperation with colleges, resaerch institutions and other academic organisations.

Product deveopment and calculations

Our technical department take advantage of new technology for product development, calculation and engineering. Advanced calculation programs for large operations including comprehensive testing and analyzing, to make sure we deliver the best possible quality.


Brimer has four modern production lines: hand lamination, injection molding, vacuuming and steel/aluminum. Our vacuum setction executes for the majority og the element production. The smaller construction, sizes from 80 to 100m3, will be assembled and outfitted/customised in the factory. The steel section produces tailored components  for the products and finished supplies in stainless and galvanized steel and aliminum. The steel section also make the molds for the plast production.


Brimer tanksystemer blir bygget i element som muliggjør effektiv transport. Vi utfører komplett montering av tankanlegget eller bistår våre kunder med monteringsveiledning, utleie av forskaling, jekker og utstyr. 


Our project managers are continously following the projects from the start of production until the end of the assemblance. Through the entire project we have a close dialogue with the construction managers to secure an optimal progress. 

We strive to develope the best solution for our customers needs. Contact one of our sellers for a noncommital talk.